Author: Jennifer M. Zuk

Gratitude for our Visiting PhD Students from University of Houston

We have been fortunate to host two visiting PhD students from the University of Houston this past summer: Juliana Ronderos, rising 5th year student, dedicated her summer to brain-behavior analyses to investigate relationships between white matter brain structure and language/reading abilities among bilingual children using a large-scale NIH open source dataset. Michelle Hernandez, rising 2nd […]

Our lab meetings: from the zoom room to finally in person!

It has been remarkable to build our community and research program exclusively in a remote capacity throughout the Fall and Spring semester. After months and months of Zoom lab meetings… What a joy and gift to finally gain the opportunity to hold our first lab meeting in person! Very thankful to have such a vibrant […]

Spring 2021: Lab construction is complete!

We are beyond thrilled to share a glimpse at our newly renovated lab space! After months of lab design and construction (in every aspect!), it is exciting to officially start settling into the newly established Communication and Neurodevelopment Lab here at Boston University. It is exhilarating to envision the innovation, discovery, connection, and collaboration that […]