Skeena Reece

Skeena Reece is Tsimshian/Gitksan and Cree/Metis based on Vancouver Island, BC.  She is a performance artist and sacred clown humorist. Her practice also includes music, writing, film/video and visual art.  She received the Reveal Indigenous Art Award, the Viva Award and a BC Achievement Award for Excellence in Arts. Her works have included, ‘The Sacred Clown,’ a collaborative performance between Skeena Reece and Jesse Scott created for the Medicine Project. The Sacred Clown is a Hopi tradition; the clown is a character that often says or does uncouth things to teach lessons, with resonance with Raven The Trickster and Coyote The Trickster.

“These characters were highly respected for the work they did in helping communities examine their values and beliefs, but today they are often found in institutions, no longer respected for the lessons they have to teach. Growing up hearing stories of the Raven Trickster spirit on the west coast of BC has informed Skeena’s humor. She invokes the spirit of the Trickster just to see what happens” (from:

Reece’s keynote on October 29 will also draw upon her TikTok persona @victimprincessmother, that was recently featured at a show at the Polygon Gallery:

This performance series, Victimprincessmother, calls out assumptions, expectations, and stereotypes surrounding Indigenous women. The character unfolded over TikTok during the run of the exhibition.

Images: Skeena Reece, Raven: On the Colonial Fleet, 2010 (photo: Sebastien Kriete); Skeena Reece, victimprincessmother and child, 2021 and My child, 2021, photo by Rachel Topham Photography; and Skeena Reece: Entitled, 2017 (Poster of commissioned painting by Collin Elder: order here)