Sarah Bernstein

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  • "Karen" by Sarah Bernstein

Sarah Bernstein is an interdisciplinary artist, astrologer, poet, and performer. Her work explores the intersection of performance, narrative, astrological research, and diaristic practices. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Time Based Art at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

For the conference, Bernstein will present Karen,” a body of work Bernstein created in 2020. This work engages with the gestural language of masked theater traditions, monologue, Butoh dance, and astrology. It investigates and creates a thematic bridge between the contemporary cultural usage of “Karen,” Hans Christian Anderson’s literary protagonist of The Red Shoes (also named Karen), and an astrological interpretation of the asteroid Karen (2651) within the United States 1776 birth chart.

To see more of Bernstein’s work, visit her website: