Elsa Wiehe

Elsa Wiehe, Conference Committee

Elsa Wiehe currently leads the African Studies Center K-16 Education Outreach program at Boston University which has one central mission – to promote the study of Africa in U.S. schools through curriculum and professional development events. Elsa is a multilingual Mauritian and licensed K-6 teacher who taught English and French in elementary and secondary schools and worked as an educational consultant in West and Southern African countries. Her work as an educator is driven by a commitment to global educational justice through culturally responsive teaching in both pedagogical processes and the advancement of critical interdisciplinary content centered on African voices and knowledge. Elsa supports a number of struggles for class, racial and linguistic justice in her home of Mauritius. She holds an Ed.D. in Language, Literacy and Culture from Umass Amherst, where she also earned an M.Ed. in Multicultural, Bilingual and E.S.L. Education. Her research focuses on teacher discourse and place-based education in Mauritius, supporting English Language Learners and linguistic justice in policy and practice, and anti-racist teaching practices in teacher preparation.