Deborah Hunt

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  • Photo: Performances & Workshops at the 2019 NATIONAL PUPPETRY FESTIVAL of The Puppeteers of America, photographed: July 16-21, 2019 at The University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photograph by Richard Termine © 2019 RICHARD TERMINE.

Since 1973 Deborah Hunt has worked as a mask maker and mask and object theater performance artist, creating and presenting original theatre works, performances, and festivals or encounters. She has presented her work in the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. Born and raised in New Zealand, she has been based in Puerto Rico since 1990. She creates many kinds of masks and objects, from miniatures to giants, and teaches in communities worldwide. Her practice is focused on and explores mask work and puppetry in public /private spaces, often performing in unconventional places and to very intimate audiences. She describes her work as a theatre of the useless.

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