Chiara Durazzini

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Chiara Durazzini is a native of Florence, Italy, and moved to Boston in 2000. She is the co-founder and artistic director of the Commedia dell’Arte troupe “Pazzi Lazzi” for which she performs, teaches, and directs, and of the amateur Italian theatre company “All’italiana – Boston Italian Theatre Company” which involves expats and Italian speakers in staging shows by Italian playwrights. With these two companies, Chiara has acted and directed original shows like “Aria di Commedia” (2014), “Isabella Unmasked – The Legacy of an Italian Renaissance Woman” (2017), and “Pinocchio – A Commedia Adventure” (2020), and renowned plays like “Questi Fantasmi” (2018) by Eduardo De Filippo and “La Giara” (2019) by Luigi Pirandello. She has also acted for several local Boston companies: some of her favorite roles include Tinker Bell in “Pan” (Company One) and the Virgin Mary in “Anger Box” (Apollinaire Theatre Company). A dance and physical theater lover and practitioner, she has trained with the Commedia dell’Arte master Claudia Contin Arlecchino, with Tina Nielsen of Odin Teatret, and with Prof. Arnaldo Picchi. She obtained her Master’s in Art, Music, and Theatre from the University of Bologna, Italy. She frequently collaborates with mask-makers Eric Bornstein of Behind the Mask Studio (Somerville, MA) and Alice Bertolini of Specialità Veneziane (Venice, Italy).


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