Alice Nelson

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Alice Nelson is a versatile theatre artist: actor, clown, improviser, playwright, mask maker, puppeteer, director, etc. Alice is currently an educator for Drama in Education and Community program at the University of Windsor’s School of Dramatic Art in Ontario. She is an MFA graduate of Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre and has taught movement, clown, and mask-making at Universities and Colleges in Alberta. Alice’s passion is creating new work that uses physical theatre as a conduit for addressing taboo or challenging societal topics and exploring how to evoke catharsis and/or emotional healing through humor, satire, audience connection, and play.

Nelson writes:

“The mask allows women to play all roles, as is shown in my short film, First Date. As a female-identifying theatre artist, I have fallen into the casting of a girlfriend in my twenties, wife in my thirties, and, most recently, invisible in my forties. Masks have allowed me to take back my power and play any gender and age I wish. It has also allowed me to create more physical comedy roles, something that is often lacking for women in traditional theatre. For my own artistic practice, creating my own masks and devising original mask work have leveled the playing field in a male-dominated industry.”

Watch Nelson’s Piece “First Date” here.

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