Abby Holgerson

Abby Holgerson is a multidisciplinary artist based in Madison, WI.

She writes:

“I create ethereal and spatially ambiguous imagery and experiences in an attempt to reclaim surrealism and gender based rage, especially regarding relationships through ritual and persona. This I aspire to conjure through the lens of an Ashkenazi Jewish woman with an eye for Yiddish theatre, satire, and expressionism. As a conduit of paint, film, puppetry, costumery, and performance, I summon ancestral presence, the monstrous feminine, and historical tradition. The collage and practical effects of my work layer to reflect the psyche of my characters; veiling and unmasking. The disconnect of head and body are recurring motifs in my storytelling process, as well as playful eroticism, betrothal, and various biblical and pop culture icons. Using different archetypes of humans, and nonhuman creatures in a tongue-in-cheek way, I seduce the viewer with absurdity, kitsch, and horror. Some characters seem to oppose each-other, the attraction they have to the audience is pestilent allurement. Using the grotesque and the sensual I confuse the gaze with alarming dissonance. in this particular piece: “The Marriage Masque”, there is much to be concealed. based loosely on Yiddish theater (the dybbuk especially) and folktale, a surreal short shows the two faces of a newlywed couple.”

“The Marriage Masque” will be screened on the evening of the 25th with a talkback on the 26th. Please see here for details. Watch it on your own time here: The Marriage Masque

See more of Abby’s work at: Art instagram: @ominousabbyart Youtube (with other video works):