NeRVe Study Application

To start a New Project, please fill out our NeRVe Study Application and submit it to

To apply for Pilot Scans, please fill out our NeRVe Pilot Application and submit it to

  • Each New Principal Investigator is asked to present his or her new study to the NeRVe Center Staff. This is an informal presentation that allows the NeRVe to help answer any questions New Principal Investigators may have about their methods. As our mission is nurture collaboration and interdisciplinary methods in neuroscience, this forum allows us to build an idea of the goals of your new study while we determine how we can best be of service to you. Please contact any of the NeRVe Principal Investigators with any study specific questions to help you prepare your proposal in your application and for your presentation.
    Note: Pilot scans are available primarily for acquiring preliminary data for grant submissions to use the scanner here at the VA in Jamaica Plain.

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