New Imaging User

Welcome to the Neuroimaging Research for Veterans Center! Whether you are a New Principal Investigator, Post-doc, Research Assistant, or WOC Volunteer, this page will be your guide to getting setup as a New Imaging User with the NeRVe.


  • Every New NeRVe Study requires a 3-Letter Scanning Code. Once you have set up billing with our Administrative Officer, you will be give that 3-Letter Scanning Code. Please email us at with your 3-Letter Scanning Code requesting access to our internal site. You will be added to our Google Group VABostonImagingUsers. This will grant you access to our Scanner Calendar so that you may schedule your scans and you will begin to receive updates concerning the availability and use of our scanner.


  • Every New Imaging User that intends on entering the MRI Suite must become NeRVe MRI Safe. This includes completing an annual MRI safety training and completing an MRI Screening Form. Contact our Biomedical Engineers for more information.
  • Every New Imaging User needs to have the protocol of their sequences configured on the MRI Console Computer. Please contact our Biomedical Engineer,,y to configure your studies imaging protocol.
  • Every New Imaging User needs to be trained to use and maintain the equipment pertinent to each individual study. Whether you will be using our Visual Stimulus Laptop, BIOPAC Physiological Acquisition Equipment, or any other equipment beyond the MRI scanner, you will need to be NeRVe Certified on any equipment provided by the NeRVe for use in your study. Please contact our Biomedical Engineer to schedule training for NeRVe equipment.


  • Every New Imaging User that intends on storing and analyzing his or her neuroimaging data in the NeRVe Imaging Center will need access to the our Imaging Network. We will need a completed PI Permissions form along with the IRB action listing you as Research Personnel under your study’s IRB protocol. Please contact our Systems Administrator┬áto setup an account on our network for you.

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