MRI Safety Training


The safety of participants and staff while at the MRI is paramount. A simple search shows that accidents are a clear possibility. Those accidents are however easily avoided. The purpose of the current training is to raise awareness of users of the MRI to the risks related to the magnet and to suggest efficient ways of avoiding adverse events. Below are the steps necessary to obtain MRI Safety Certification at the VA Boston Healthcare System Neuroimaging Research for Veterans (NeRVe) Center. This training was developed in collaboration with the department of radiology.

For examples of safety issues related to using the MRI scanner, see Recent MRI Safety Issues

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How to get MRI Safety Certified

  • The MRI Safety training at the imaging center is to be done yearly
  • Researchers, Trainees and Research Assistants without a valid training will not be allowed in the console or magnet room at the MRI
  • Every Imaging User that intends on entering the MRI Suite must maintain their status as NeRVe MRI Safe. This includes passing a yearly MRI Safety Test with a 80% or better and being cleared by the MRI Technologist. Contact our Health Science Specialist, Dustin Clark (, to schedule a time to take the test. The MRI Screening Form will be filled out at the MRI Suite with the MRI Technologist after you have passed the MRI Safety Test. The MRI Safety Training Presentation includes all of the material you need to pass the MRI Safety Test.
  • One month before your certification is expired, you will receive an email to remind you to re-qualify.

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