Adapting to Climate Change through Policy Innovation

Project Partner: C40 Cities, Summer 2019

Project Summary: Climate change impacts human health. Cities can make a difference by using data to reduce climate risks. Lindsey collected data with C40 and partnering cities to better understand how climate-relevant policies could improve the health of urban populations. She contributed to tools, reports, literature reviews, and metrics to inform decision-makers on how climate change impacts human health and opportunities for cities to adapt. The findings were applicable to the greater C40 community and other urban networks. Throughout the internship, Lindsey engaged in policy-relevant projects, learned about scientific communication with decision-makers and what it is like to work as a researcher at a non-governmental organization. She also gained insights into the role of consultants in large research synthesis projects.

Project Deliverables:

  1. Provided expert review and insight for the development of tools and reports that cities can use to (1) assess the implications of electrification of informal settlements (2) reduce the health impacts of urban heat and (3) improve overall air quality while also mitigating emissions. Download the policy brief.
  2. Conducted a skills sharing webinar for C40 staff and consultants on literature review best practices and software tools