Investigating and Remediating Contaminated Sites in New England

Project Partner: Environmental Resources Management (ERM), Summer 2019

Project Summary: Lucila joined ERM’s Site Investigation and Remediation team to support contaminated site management activities. She worked with soil and water contaminant data for sites in the Northeast and provided data management, analysis, and visualization support. Through the internship, Lucila learned about federal and state environmental laws on contaminants and private firm compliance. The Environmental Health class she took through BU URBAN gave her a primer on contaminants and their relation to human and ecosystem health, providing a deeper dimension to her contaminated site work. Moreover, Lucila gained an inside view into consulting as a career path. 

Project Deliverables: Lucila published a popular science article, Alexa, What’s Your Carbon Footprint?, in envirobites to further her experience in science communication.