Selected Journal Papers for various research projects

Ultrafast Lasers and Nonlinear Dynamics

S. Xu, T. Lim, T. Ahmet, M. Y. Sander, “High energy, frequency-doubled thulium-doped fiber chirped-pulse amplification system at 950 nm“, Optica 11 (4), 519-522 (2024).

S. Xu, J. Zeng, M.Y. Sander, “Real-time evolution dynamics during transitions between different dissipative soliton states in a single fiber laser,” Optics Express 31 (16), 25850 – 25864 (2023).

S. Xu, A. Turnali, M. Y. Sander, “Group-velocity-locked vector solitons and dissipative solitons in a single fiber laser with net-anomalous dispersion,” Scientific Reports 12, 6841 (2022).

A. Turnali, S. Xu, M. Y. Sander, “Noise-like pulse generation and amplification from soliton pulses,” Optics Express 30 (9), 13977-13984 (2022).

J. Zeng, M. Y. Sander, “Real-time observation of chaotic and periodic explosions in a mode-locked Tm-doped fiber laser,” Optics Express 30 (5), 7894-7906 (2022).

J. Zeng, M. Y. Sander, “Real-Time Transition Dynamics between Multi-Pulsing States in a Mode-Locked Fiber Laser,” Optics Letters 45 (1), 5-8 (2020).

A. Klein, I. Sibony, S. Meir, H. Duadi, M. Y. Sander, and Moti Fridman, “Temporal imaging with a high filling factor,” APL Photonics 5, 090801 (2020).

D.Heckscher, J. Zeng, P. Samolis, M. Y. Sander, S. E. Wason, D. S. Wang, “The Effect of Holmium Laser Fiber Bending Radius on Power Delivery During Flexible Ureteroscopy,” J Endourol. 34(6), 682-686 (2020).

J. Zeng, A. Akosman, M. Y. Sander, “Supercontinuum Generation from a Tm Ultrafast Fiber Laser in a High NA Silica Fiber,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 31 (22), 1787-1790 (2019).

J. Zeng, A. Akosman, and M. Y. Sander, “Scaling the repetition rate of thulium-doped ultrafast soliton fiber lasers to the GHz regime,” Optics Express 26, 24687-24694 (2018).

A. Akosman, M. Y. Sander, “Route towards extreme optical pulsation in linear cavity ultrafast fibre lasers,” Scientific Reports 8, 13385 (2018).

A. E. Akosman, J. Zeng, P. Samolis, and M. Y. Sander, “Polarization Rotation Dynamics in Harmonically Mode-locked Vector Soliton Fiber Lasers,” Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 24 (3), 1-7 (2018).

A. Akosman, M. Y. Sander, “Dual comb generation from a mode-locked fiber laser with orthogonally polarized interlaced pulses,” Optics Express 25, 18592-18602 (2017).

A. Totachawattana, M.K. Hong, S. Erramilli, M. Y. Sander, “Multiple bifurcations with signal enhancement in nonlinear mid-infrared thermal lens spectroscopy,” Analyst, 142, 1882 – 1890 (2017), featured on cover.

A. Akosman, M. Y. Sander, “Low Noise, Mode-Locked 253-MHz Tm/Ho Fiber Laser with Core Pumping at 790 nm,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (2016).

Mid-IR Photothermal Imaging and Materials Interactions

P. D. Samolis, M. Y. Sander, “Increasing contrast in water-embedded particles via time-gated mid-infrared photothermal microscopy,” Optics Letters, Vol. 49, Issue 6, pp. 1457-1460 (2024).

P. D. Samolis, M. K. Hong, R. Rajagopal, M. Y. Sander*, S. Erramilli*, and O. Narayan*, “Heat Transport in Photothermal Microscopy: Newton vs Fourier,” J. Physical Chemistry C, 128, 2, 961–967 (2024). *corresponding authors

P. D. Samolis, X. Zhu, M. Y. Sander, “Time-Resolved Mid-Infrared Photothermal Microscopy for Imaging Water-Embedded Axon Bundles,” Analytical Chemistry 95, (45) 16514–16521 (2023). Highlighted on Front Cover

P. D. Samolis, M. Y. Sander, M. K. Hong, S. Erramilli, O. Narayan
“Thermal transport across membranes and the Kapitza length from photothermal microscopy
,” Journal of Biological Physics 49, 365–381 (2023).

M. Alaghemandi, L. Salehi, P. Samolis, B. T. Trachtenberg, A. Turnali, M. Y. Sander, S. Sharifzadeh, “Atomic understanding of structural deformations upon ablation of graphene ,” Nano Select 1 (2021).

P. D. Samolis, D. Langley, B. M. O’Reilly, Z. Oo, G. Hilzenrat, S. Erramilli, A. E. Sgro, S. McArthur, and M. Y. Sander, “Label-free imaging of fibroblast membrane interfaces and protein signatures with vibrational infrared photothermal and phase signals,” Biomedical Optics Express 12, 303-319 (2021).

A. Vasquez, P. Samolis, J. Zeng, M. Y. Sander, “Micro-Structuring, Ablation and Defect Generation in Graphene with Femtosecond Pulses,” OSA Continuum 2 (10), 2925-2934 (2019); selected for Editor’s Pick.

P. Samolis and M. Y. Sander, “Phase-sensitive lock-in detection for high-contrast mid-infrared photothermal imaging with sub-diffraction limited resolution,” Optics Express 27 (3), 2643-2655 (2019).

A. Totachawattana, H. Liu, A. Mertiri, M.K. Hong, S. Erramilli, M. Y. Sander“Vibrational mid-infrared photothermal spectroscopy using a fiber laser probe: asymptotic limit in signal-to-baseline contrast ,” Optics Letters 41, 179-182 (2016).

Infrared Neuromodulation

M. Y. Sander, X. Zhu, “Infrared neuronal modulation – a review,” invited review article for Reports on Progress in Physics, 87 (6), 066701 (2024).

X. Zhu, J.-W. Lin, M. Y. Sander, “Bidirectional modulation of evoked synaptic transmission by pulsed infrared light,” Scientific Reports 12, 14196 (2022).

X. Zhu, J.-W. Lin, A. Turnali, M. Y. Sander, “Single infrared light pulses induce excitatory and inhibitory neuromodulation,” Biomedical Optics Express, 13(1), 374-388 (2022).

X. Zhu, J.-W. Lin, M. Y. Sander, “Infrared inhibition impacts on locally initiated and propagating action potentials and the downstream synaptic transmission,” Neurophotonics, 7(4), 045003 (2020).

X. Zhu, J.-W. Lin, M. Y. Sander, “Infrared Inhibition of Action Potentials in Crayfish Neuromuscular Junction,” Biomedical Optics Express 10 (12), 6580-6594 (2019).

Other Laser-Related Publications

M. Y. Sander, S. Frolov, H. Hao, J. Shmulovich, E. P. Ippen, and F. X. Kärtner, “10 GHz Femtosecond Pulse Interleaver in Planar Waveguide Technology,” Optics Express 20, 4102- 4113 (2012).

A. Khilo, S. J. Spector, M. E. Grein, A. H. Nejadmalayeri,  C. W. Holzwarth, M. Y. Sander, M. S. Dahlem, M. Y. Peng, M. W. Geis, N. A. DiLello, J. U. Yoon, A. Motamedi, J. S. Orcutt, J. P. Wang, C. M. Sorace, M. A. Popović, J. Sun, G. R. Zhou, H. Byun, J. Chen, J. L. Hoyt, H. I. Smith, R. J. Ram, M. Perrott, T. M. Lyszczarz E. P. Ippen, and F. X. Kärtner, “Photonic ADC: Overcoming the Bottleneck of Electronic Jitter,” Optics Express 20, 4454-4469 (2012).

H. Byun, M. Y. Sander, A. Motamedi, H. Shen, G. S. Petrich, L. A. Kolodziejski, E. P. Ippen, and F. X. Kärtner, “Compact, Stable 1 GHz Er-Doped Fiber Lasers,” Applied Optics 49, 5577-5582 (2010).

M. Y. Sander, E. P. Ippen, and F. X. Kärtner, “Carrier-Envelope Phase Dynamics of Octave-Spanning Dispersion-Managed Ti:Sapphire Lasers, ” Optics Express 18, 4948-4960 (2010).

L.-J. Chen, M. Y. Sander, and Franz X. Kärtner, “Kerr-Lens Mode Locking with Minimum Nonlinearity Using Gain-Matched Output Couplers,” Optics Letters 35, 2916-2918 (2010).

M. Y. Sander, J. R. Birge, A. Benedick, H. M. Crespo, and F. X. Kärtner, “Dynamics of Dispersion Managed Octave-Spanning Titanium:Sapphire Lasers,” Journal of the Optical Society of America B 26, 743-749 (2009), invited for the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Optics.

P. Görrn, M. Sander, J. Meyer, M. Kröger, E. Becker, H.-H. Johannes, W. Kowalsky, and T. Riedl, “Towards See-Through Displays: Fully Transparent Thin-Film Transistors Driving Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diodes,” Advanced Materials 18, 738-741 (2006).