Collection of original sofware related to our research.

pySLAM-D: an open-source library for localization and mapping for depth cameras

By Arman KarimianDecember 31st, 2021in Software

pySLAM-D is a SLAM repository for RGB-D images in python that computes the camera trajectory and yields a 3D reconstruction of the scene. This code is suitable for Reinforcement Learning purposes and utilizes existing C++ libraries for fast and robust visual odometry, loop-closure detection, and pose graph optimization. We have tested this code for visual SLAM in the Habitat-Sim environment.

This repository is available here.

Fast Multi-Image Matching via Density-Based Clustering (QuickMatch)

By Roberto TronJuly 13th, 2018in Software

We offer a Matlab implementation of algorithms for:

  1. Density-based clustering (QuickShift);
  2. Consistent multi-image matching via density-based clustering (QuickMatch).

The files can be downloaded as a zip archive ( or accessed through the release git repository on Bitbucket (

The code is released under the GPLv3 license.

Optimization on the essential manifold

By Roberto TronJuly 31st, 2017in Software

Set of routines for performing optimization on the essential manifold, using the parametrization as a quotient
manifold of $SO(3) \times SO(3)$, where $SO(3)$ is the manifold of 3-D rotations. These routines are offered as part of the Matlab toolbox ManOpt. The first implementation of the software is provided as a reference. The essential manifold is directly provided as ManOpt package since version 2.0.