Author: Roberto Tron

Multimodal, Task-Aware Movement Quality Assessment and Control: From the Clinic to the Home

Overview The goal of the project is to develop a novel, distributed sensor platform that continuously assesses movement in the background of one’s life and facilitates personalized, ”smart” intervention when detecting movement dysfunctions and functional decline, with the goal of helping people age in place and avoid expensive and lengthy hospitalizations. Motivation Frail older adults […]

Distributed semantic processing in camera networks

Overview In many applications, sensor networks can be used to monitor large geographical regions. This typically produces large quantities of data that need to be associated, summarized and classified in order to arrive to a semantically meaningful descriptions of the phenomena being monitored. The long-term guiding vision of this project is a distributed network that […]

Control of Micro Aerial Vehicles under Aerodynamic and Physical Contact Interactions

Overview The goal of this project is to make quadrotors and other similar small-scale flying rotorcraft safer and easier to fly. Both recreational and commercial use of these vehicles has recently surged in popularity. However, safety concerns about potentially damaging collisions limit their deployment near people or in close formation, and the current state of […]

Fast Multi-Image Matching via Density-Based Clustering (QuickMatch)

We offer a Matlab implementation of algorithms for: Density-based clustering (QuickShift); Consistent multi-image matching via density-based clustering (QuickMatch). The files can be downloaded as a zip archive ( or accessed through the release git repository on Bitbucket ( The code is released under the GPLv3 license.

Optimization on the essential manifold

Set of routines for performing optimization on the essential manifold, using the parametrization as a quotient manifold of $SO(3) \times SO(3)$, where $SO(3)$ is the manifold of 3-D rotations. These routines are offered as part of the Matlab toolbox ManOpt. The first implementation of the software is provided as a reference. The essential manifold is […]

Vision-based formation control

The goal of formation control is to move a group of agents in order to achieve and maintain a set of desired relative positions. This problem has a long history, and latest trends emphasize the use of vision-based solution. In this setting, the measurement of the relative direction (i.e., bearing) between two agents can be […]

Distributed localization algorithms

Imagine a wireless camera network, where each camera has a piece of local information, e.g., the pose of the object from a specific viewpoint or the relative poses with respect to the neighboring cameras. It is natural to look for distributed algorithms which merge all these local measurements into a single, globally consistent estimate. I […]

Consensus algorithms on Riemannian manifolds

Given a group of agents which move in Euclidean space and communicate according to a given communication graph, standard consensus algorithms provide a protocol which, as time passes, brings all the agents to a common location. The key aspect here is that only local communications are used. These algorithms, however, do not apply when the […]