IP Day 2022

TPRI IP Day 2022


Friday, July 22, 2022
Hosted by TPRI

The Sixth Annual Boston University Technology & Policy Research Initiative IP Day conference focuses on two main themes: (1) The impact of patents on pharmaceutical innovation, and (2) Policy interactions of patent, trade secret, trademark, and antitrust law as applied to innovation. Pharma-sector presenters will discuss how patent policy affects global access to medicine, as well as the impacts of intellectual property policy on the strategies of pharmaceutical firms within the U.S. Other presenters will cover a variety of topics including the choice of trade secret or patent protection to appropriate value from innovation, and the use of antitrust law to limit the strength and scope of intellectual property rights.

Friday, July 22
(All times Eastern Daylight Time)


Registration and Breakfast (8-8:45AM)


Introduction and Welcome to IP Day 2022 (8.45 – 09.00 AM)


Panel 1: International Pharma (9-10:30 AM) (video)

Iain Cockburn, Tim Wilsdon, Michele Pistollato, Rajini Jayasuriya, and Thomas Watson,  “The role of TRIPS in encouraging pharmaceutical technological diffusion in developing countries

Alberto Galasso and Mark Schankerman, “Licensing Life-Saving Drugs for Developing Countries: Evidence from the Medicines Patent Pool

Discussant: Arti Rai


Coffee Break (10:30-11:00 AM)


Panel 2: Settlements (11-12:00 PM) (video)

Xuelin Li, Andrew W. Lo and Richard T. Thakor,  “Paying Off The Competition: Market Power And Innovation Incentives.

C. Scott Hemphill and Erik Hovenkamp ,“Antitrust and Trademark Settlements.

Discussant: Michael Meurer


Lunch Panel Discussion on What did Covid teach us about IP and Pharma? (12-1:30PM) (video)

Panelists: Rena Conti, Jorge L. Contreras, Shanelle Hall, Kevin Outterson, and Arti Rai


Panel 3: Trade Secrets, Patents and Appropriability (1:30-3:00 PM) (video)

Colleen Cunningham and Aldona Kapačinskaitė, “Keeping invention confidential: The role of strengthened appropriability in the use of trade secrets.”

Tim Simcoe and Filippo Mezzanotti, “Innovation and Appropriability: Revisiting the Role of Intellectual Property.

Mark A. Lemley and Samantha Zyontz, “Does Alice Target Patent Trolls.

Discussant: Hong Luo


Coffee Break (3-3:30PM)


Panel 4: Patent Policy Instruments (3:30-4:30 PM) (video)

Michael D. Frakes and Melissa F. Wasserman, “Investing in Ex Ante Regulation: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Patent Examination.

Laura G. Pedraza-Fariña and Ryan Whalen,  The Ghost in the Patent System: An Empirical Study of Patent Law’s Elusive “Ordinary Artisan.”

Discussant: Timothy Simcoe


Closing Remarks and Reception (4:30-5:45 PM)