Research Comments

Astrocyte Receptor Suppresses Neurotoxic Lipids, Preserves Neurons

20 September 2023, Alzforum

CSF Proteomic Panel Better Predicts Decline Than Do Classic AD Biomarkers

14 September 2023, Proteomics Highlight Alzheimer’s Changes in Matrisome, MAPK Signaling

03 February 2022, Alzforum

Could Targeting CD22 Restore Microglial Lysosome Trafficking?

07 December 2021, Alzforum

Taming ApoE Via the LDL Receptor Calms Microglia, Slows Degeneration

02 July 2021, Alzforum

Too Phatal: How Microglia, Astrocytes Snuff Out Dying Neurons

26 June 2020, Alzforum

Among AD Mutations, Only ApoE4 Seems to Hobble Microglia

14 September 2019, Alzforum