Author: Swastika Sharma

Juao becomes recipient of T32 Grant!

PhD Student Juao-Guilherme Rosa was awarded the NIGMS T32 BioMolecular Pharmacology grant. We’re truly excited for him and wish him for more such achievements in the future. 

Celebrating our Cell publication!

We celebrated our Cell Publication with a small surprise party for Dr. TCW. Here are some lab photos from our party. Left to Right: Eman Sayani, Juao-Guilherme Rosa, Swastika Sharma, Coltrane Varela, Dr. Julia TCW, Gilbert Hong, Deepti Murthy, Rufuto Rahman, Elizabeth Rosen, Tony Tuck. Left to Right: Gilbert Hong, Dr. Julia TCW, Coltrane Varela, Sandeep […]

Our newest publication is in Cell!

We are excited to share that “Cholesterol and matrisome pathways dysregulated in astrocytes and microglia” is published in Molecular Cell. Here, we used hiPSCs, post-mortem human brain and mouse models to study about the strongest AD risk factor, APOE4. Using these models, Dr. TCW and colleagues found that there are more than just APOE4 mutation, which is APOE […]

Lab Team Meet-Up

We had our first in-person lab team meet-up last Friday. Top (Left to Right): Elizabeth Rosen, Gilbert Hong, Andrew Finebaum, Juao-Guilherme Rosa, Yun Shen, Tony Tuck. Bottom (Left to Right): Coltrane Varela, Dr. Julia TCW, Sandeep Sreerama.