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This library includes a curated selection of self-paced training modules on leadership and management topics relevant to school nurses. All courses are free and less than or equal to two hours in duration.


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About this Library

The Leadership and Management Learning Library is designed for:

Trainings are categorized by the five main topical areas addressed in the SHIELD School Nurse Leadership Series: evaluation, laws and ethics, cultural competency, data-informed decision-making, and communication. A range of 4-13 trainings is listed per each main topic. All are free and less than or equal to two hours in duration.

All trainings have been carefully curated from the following public health training centers: the Region 2 Public Health Training Center, the Region V Public Health Training Center, the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, and the New England Public Health Training Center. You may need to create an account with one or more of these training centers to access the trainings.

For assistance with the Leadership and Management Learning Library, contact shieldlm@bu.edu.

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