SB2 Timeline

SB2 students will receive not only exceptional training and industry experience, but will also start to build a formidable network, a critical component of career success. The figure below shows the relative distribution of coursework and biotech and professional training across the two years of the program.

At the completion of the two-year traineeship, students will continue to be an integral part of the SB2 program through participation in certain programming and leadership roles, including serving as SB2 Alum Peer Mentors for incoming students. Where possible, SB2 Alum Peer Mentors will be matched by parent graduate program. In the first 2 years of the program before any SB2 students have completed the program, senior BDC graduate students from BME, BI, and MCBB will serve as Peer Mentors. SB2 Alum mentors will help the current training students navigate the SB2 program and BU, and are expected to meet with their mentees monthly at minimum, and ideally for at least a 30 min check-in twice a month. We expect they will choose to meet informally much more frequently.