Training Program in Synthetic Biology & Biotechnology (SB2)

Synthetic biology uses basic biological “building blocks” to create fundamentally new cells, organisms, and biological functions not found in nature. This fast-growing discipline has the potential to advance many scientific fields by providing new approaches and tools to probe living systems. Additionally, synthetic biology is transforming almost every major industry, with the creation of designer biological systems and technologies becoming an increasingly important driver of the next-generation medicines, materials, agricultural solutions, and products in the bio-economy.

The goals of the Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology (SB2) Predoctoral Training Program at Boston University are to provide a unique, field-defining, and interdisciplinary training environment in synthetic biology, directly in the heart of Boston, that enables trainees to:

  • Predictively engineer complex biological systems through laboratory research and a holistic curriculum.
  • Learn how to develop and translate breakthrough biotechnologies that can drive new inventions, products and therapies.
  • Develop the professional and operational skills of team science, interdisciplinary thinking, and communication that are so crucial for success across the full array of careers in biotechnology and biomedical science.