The SB2 Training Program is currently in its fifth year of funding, and there are 22 trainees (12 women; seven URMs) affiliated with our program across five cohorts. As of September 2023:

Time to Degree and Completion Rate. We have retained 95% (21/22) of our SB2 trainees. Three trainees recently graduated with a Ph.D.; the one graduate student that left the Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program did so, in part, because her thesis supervisor left BU for a position at another institution. The average time-to-degree for the three Ph.D. graduates was 57.3 months (4.8 years).

Publications. Our trainees have published 15 papers, including two bioRxiv pre-prints. Nine of those papers (60%) are first-author publications.

Career Outcomes. Of the four trainees who are no longer BU Ph.D. students, one of them is in medical school, one is interviewing for jobs, one is a Senior Associate Consultant at Lumanity, and the fourth is the CEO & Co-Founder of Anthology, a start-up company that is optimizing genomes of underexplored organisms, such as filamentous fungi, for advanced biomanufacturing applications.

We are working with BU central administration to develop a dashboard display of a number of metric-focused outcomes.