Is Artificial Intelligence A Blessing Or A Curse For The Environment?

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January 1st, 2021

“In the past few years, as AI usage has grown, its energy consumption and carbon emissions have become an environmental concern,” writes Ben Dickson, a software engineer, tech blogger, in PC Magazine

Yannis Paschalidis, Director of Boston University’s Center for Information and Systems Engineering, is featured in the story, discussing ways to create  energy-efficient AI hardware.

Prof. Paschalidis proposes a better integration of data centers and energy grids, which he describes as “demand-response” models. ‘The idea is to coordinate with the grid to reduce or increase consumption on-demand, depending on electricity supply and demand. This helps utilities better manage the grid and integrate more renewables into the production mix… The smart integration of power grids and AI data centers, Paschalidis says, will help manage the intermittency of renewable energy sources while also reducing the need to have too much stand-by capacity in dormant electricity plants.”

Read the full PC Magazine story here.