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Recordings Now Available from SHIELD’s Mental Health Series

NEPHTC is happy to share this Mental Health Series from our partners at the School Health Institute for Education and Leadership Development (SHIELD)! SHIELD’s Mental Health Series for School Health Professionals is well underway. Four sessions have been delivered and recordings, which are ideal for self-paced learning, are being made available. Two recordings are currently open, with two […]

Racial Equity School Health + Public Health

Attend “Racial Equity in School Health: A Groundwater Approach” on March 27 8:30am -4:00pm in Lowell, MA NEPHTC’s sister training center, SHIELD (School Health Institute for Education Leadership Development) is pleased to host a Racial Equity workshop to establish a foundational understanding of how race-based structural inequities impact access and outcomes. Public Health professionals are […]

NEPHTC Is Training More Public Health Pros

Collaboration is changing the number of and types professionals taking NEPHTC trainings. More than 11,000 participants attended single trainings that were wholly or partially supported by the HRSA grant UB6HP27877, up from 9,000 in the previous year of the grant. Overall, NEPHTC increased the number of trainings offered from 190 to 239. By collaborating with […]

Infection Prevention Series

A self-paced training series on basic infection prevention in the ambulatory care setting Don’t miss this free online training series on the role of ambulatory care setting staff in preventing the spread of infections to themselves, colleagues and patients. The series is designed for all staff working at primary care clinics and doctor’s offices, including […]

Yale School of Public Health

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