Tammi Compagna

Tammi Compagna interned with  Maine SNAP-Ed, where nutrition educators require the proper training, tools, and resources in order to best serve their community. The goal of Tammi’s time at Maine SNAP-Ed was to ensure that the nutrition educators’ concerns and needs were heard and addressed throughout the FY2020 training plan. The foundation of the work done was based on the compilation of feedback given to the UNE Maine SNAP-Ed team from the nutrition educators through the annual transition survey. The survey addressed all areas of the Maine SNAP-Ed program. The results of the survey contained both quantitative and qualitative data. Further information about the experiences of the nutrition educators was gathered by attending the annual in-person nutrition educator training in Brunswick, ME, attending direct nutrition education classes in Biddeford, ME, participating in nutrition educator PSE launch calls, and reviewing previous monthly training webinars. Maine SNAP-Ed serves as a crucial partner with Maine communities to help serve individuals with limited resources and assist them with learning how to make healthy choices. By ensuring that the nutrition educators have the resources and training they need to be successful in their work, they are better able to serve their communities and leave a lasting impact.