Meeghan Doris

This project will improve health equity by educating Community Health Workers (CHWs) on vaccine importance and they will use this knowledge to benefit their communities. They will do this by providing culturally sensitive communication to their community members about vaccines and ways to access them.

On October 25th, 2019, Meeghan created a link for an electronic survey with general questions about vaccine knowledge that was sent out to a list of CHWs that have attended Southwestern Area Health Education Center (SWAHEC) events in the past. Then, created a PowerPoint presentation including answers and more information about these survey questions, and spent more time addressing questions that the survey respondents reported lack of knowledge on. On November 18th, 2019, Meeghan presented this information in a 1-hour training session, along with interactive learning activities for 23 CHWs residing in Connecticut who signed up. After the training, attendees were given a retrospective knowledge assessment and training evaluation, both using Likert scales.

The main findings from this project are that CHWs did not have the knowledge and resources needed in order to talk to their communities about vaccinations, but after this training they feel more confident that they can make an impact. The take home point of this project was that vaccines are important at all stages of life and there are many resources in Connecticut for more information, as well as free vaccinations. The information from this training will help CHWs encourage their community members to get vaccinated and connect them to the resources they may need using credible and culturally competent communication.