Kylie Elimanco

Kylie Elimanco interned with Bridgeport Prospers, where she worked to help mothers of young children in Bridgeport who are over-burdened and under-resourced who are in need of assistance, either in resources or certain health services. Many mothers were unaware of the significance of the importance of brain development along with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). They worked to increase their knowledge about ACEs and provide them with resources and materials regarding what to do to combat these experiences. Due to the large number of families and mothers who are over-burdened and under resourced that are living in Bridgeport, Kylie felt that this was an area that showed a large health inequity. By providing physicians and health care professionals with parent-oriented guides that were easy to understand and use. They were also able to pass this important information to these families in a safe setting. Everyone should have access to information regarding the health and development of their newborn babies and how important and crucial it could be to their upbringing. A mother in Bridgeport should have the same access to information as a mother living anywhere else in the country. By training health care professionals about ACEs, it is just one more resource that Bridgeport mothers have access to.