Jeanette Fornaci

Jeanette Fornaci’s goal during her internship with Bridgeport Hospital was to improve child wellbeing, improve healthy weight and increase physical activity in the Greater Bridgeport Region. Over the course of one year there were several activities that I completed for the Yale New Haven Health System. She created monthly flyers for the Yale New Haven Health System which displayed the healthy events in the Bridgeport Region, Greenwich Region and New Haven Region. Jeanette analyzed data from the Greater New Haven community needs assessment and displayed it in a PowerPoint. She developed a pediatric nutrition database for Yale New Haven Hospital. Also, she created a Know Your Numbers infographic and a healthy meal planner flyer for food pantries throughout the Greater Bridgeport Region.  Lastly, Jeanette created a 10-page data review on child wellbeing and healthy weight in the Greater Bridgeport Region. Jeanette learned that the social environment that individuals live in has a large impact on health outcomes. The difference in health outcomes between different towns in the same county greatly vary based on economic status, safety and access to affordable food.