Alicia Manion

Alicia Manion interned with the City of Concords Health and Licensing Office by researching lead prevention initiatives in other cities around the US and collected information on common successful strategies, then proposed ideas for implementation. With her preceptor and other city officials, plans were made according to office feasibility. Alicia designed fliers using a graphics editor to promote blood-lead screening, free lead-check kits, and the availability of state resources for lead prevention. Alicia contacted approximately 70 child-centered entities in the city (schools, houses of worship, child-centered businesses) to ask about interest in sharing educational materials, approximately 15% of which expressed willingness and ability to share materials with the families they serve. She compiled and created further informational resources to be published on the city website and social media. Alicia then researched and collected information on resources for later expansion of the program.  Her end results included: A foundation for expansion of citywide lead prevention action has been built through research, development of educational materials, and engaging members of the community. Database review provided a quantitative measurement of potential risk which will inform the development of further outreach. A framework for public outreach through community engagement has been established with initiated multi-sector relationships.