Legal Aid Society in Chicago Integrates NEPHTC Outreach Training

NEPHTC is so proud that our self-paced training Introduction to Outreach Methods and Strategies , has been selected by the legal services non profit Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services in Chicago to use in their efforts to increase understanding and awareness of human trafficking and exploitation, and specifically improve outreach planning.

“We are focusing on working with stakeholders across the nation such advocates, outreach workers, nonprofit service providers and others to train on effective outreach strategies over the next year,” says Micaela Cayton Garrido, Outreach Coordinator for the Legal Aid Society.  “We are happy to be able to use this training free of charge for our trainees. Decreasing human trafficking and exploitation definitely improves population health, especially in vulnerable communities.”

“I’ve learned about the Legal Aid Society’s audience from Micaela,” says Karla Todd, Senior Program Manager Training Specialist NEPHTC.  “They focus on providers, survivor advocates and outreach workers who work in anti trafficking and have lately been emphasizing viewing the issue of human trafficking from a public health lens.”  Karla added that Megan is thoughtfully planning on using the online training as a springboard to more deliberate discussions. “This is smart planning on Legal Aid’s behalf,” says Karla. “The Public Health Training Centers are working over time to demonstrate that learning cycles over time can be used for Systems Change, and they are thinking that way.”