Webinar: Creating Your Marketing Pitch








One of the priority strategic skills for Public Health Professionals is Persuasive Communications.  Being able to pitch your program or message consistently and effectively is one of the most important forms of Persuasive Communications. Getting your whole team to do the same is essential.

NEPHTC has gotten great reviews from its Creating Your Marketing Pitch training program.  So far this program has been offered in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, and will be offered in Connecticut soon.  It consists of a live classroom training, an online self-paced Marketing Public Health 1 hour training, an online recorded webinar (May 9, 2019), and coaching, which can be customized to needs of the individual or team.

The live training is taught by marketing expert Michele Levy of ML Brand Strategy Consulting.  Michele has broad and deep experience with the challenge of marketing public health programs and health departments, which are often poorly understood by target audiences, partners and legislators.  Michele also designed the online training and conducts the coaching sessions.  She has worked for a large number of state and national public health organizations, in addition to hundreds of community non-profits.

Download the NEPHTC Creating Your Marketing Pitch Training Program Guide here.NEPHTC Branding and Marketing Pitch Training Program May 2019