Spring 2019 Group members from left to right: Natalie Pienkowska (Directed Study student); Anthony Wong (PhD student); Taylor Adams (PhD student); Jeff Geddes (Principle Investigator); Marissa Lee (Work-Study student)

Ongoing recruitment: We are always looking for highly motivated undergraduate and Ph.D. students to join our research team. Are you a student interested in atmospheric chemistry? Curious about interactions between air quality and the biosphere? Would you like to learn how modeling and remote sensing can help us discover new things about the composition of the atmosphere?

Undergraduate experience in chemistry, physics, or engineering would be valuable, but is not necessary. As long as you have a good quantitative background, are excited by research, and keen to learn new skills, we could have a project for you! You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with some of the projects we have completed in the past to get an idea of the type of work we are involved in.

If you would like to learn about opportunities in our group, contact Jeff (jgeddes[at]bu.edu). The deadline for an application to the Ph.D. in Earth and Environment at BU is December 19, 2024, but you should reach out well in advance of this deadline to discuss your interests. Include a CV and a sample of your writing that you are proud of. To make your inquiry stand out, also be sure to mention:

  • Specific topics you might be interested in studying, and why
  • What would make you a great member of our team
  • A brief summary of relevant research or academic experience

Interested postdocs are also encouraged to inquire about potential opportunities based on availability of funds.

We strive to create environments for learning, working, and living that are enriched by racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity. We seek to cultivate an atmosphere of respect for individual differences in life experience, sexual orientation, and religious belief, and we aspire to be free of intellectual parochialism, barriers to access, and ethnocentrism.

Success in a competitive, global milieu depends upon our ongoing commitment to welcome and engage the wisdom, creativity, and aspirations of all peoples. The excellence we seek emerges from the contributions and talents of every member of the Boston University community.

From Boston University’s Statement on Diversity