New Publications!

Fresh off the press, our group just published a pair of papers in JGR-Atmospheres on coastal urban air quality. We examine a variety of challenges and opportunities in high resolution modeling and remote sensing observations.

In postdoc Bo Wang's modeling paper, we show how sea breeze frontal dynamics and urban NOx titration effects drive strong heterogeneity in high O3 pollution that is not captured by the current monitoring network: 

In grad student Taylor Adams' paper, we combine Pandora-derived NO2 column measurements with surface concentrations to constrain the role of boundary layer dynamics and to highlight the value of remote sensing in characterizing sea breeze dynamics:

These recent contributions provide new process-level insight following an earlier climatological analysis we performed with routine monitoring observations that broadly examined the role of sea breezes on air quality in the Boston area.



TEMPO Science Team Meeting in Huntsville

This week, the TEMPO Science Team Meeting is taking place at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. Jeff is participating on a panel discussing the instrument's capabilities to resolve fine spatial gradients in pollution.

This will be the first meeting since the launch of TEMPO in April (time lapse photo below, with details here)!

Credit: Walter Scriptunas/Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian


Seminar at MIT

This week, Jeff is the invited speaker in MIT's Program in Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate Seminar Series. In this talk, Jeff will discuss the group's activities related to ground-based remote sensing of coastal air quality and relevance for new satellite-based observations.

American Chemical Society Meeting in Indianapolis

This week, Jeff is in Indianapolis to speak at the Spring 2023 American Chemical Society Meeting. His talk is called "Sources and Sinks in the Biosphere: Advancing the Predictive Capacity of Ecosystem-Atmosphere-Chemistry Interactions".

Geddes Group @ AGU 2022

Check out all the great work from grad students and postdocs in the Geddes Research Group at this year's Fall Meeting of the AGU in New Orleans (and virtually)!

Taylor Adams is sharing an analysis of our Pandora NO2 observations throughout the urban Boston region:

Bo Wang is sharing work on measurement-model fusion approaches to estimating atmospheric deposition:

Jeff Geddes is sharing an overview of modeling and remote sensing of air quality in our coastal urban environment:

WMO Measurement-Model Fusion for Global Total Atmospheric Deposition Workshop

This week, Jeff is participating in the World Meteorological Organization's Measurement-Model Fusion for Global Total Atmospheric Deposition Workshop, being held virtually and in person in Geneva.

Jeff is giving two talks about research and developments in the Geddes Group: (1) "A Pilot Project for Operational Global O3 Surface Flux Estimates"; and (2) "What is the View from Space? Opportunities and Challenges in Satellite-Informed Methods for Total Atmospheric Deposition Estimates".

CGCS Distinguished Lecture at the University of Toronto

This week, Jeff is in Toronto giving a seminar for the University of Toronto Centre for Global Change Science's Distinguished Lecture Series. The title of this talk is, "Contemporary and Future Changes in Biosphere-Atmosphere-Chemistry Interactions".

Visiting Salt Lake City

This week, Jeff is in Salt Lake City visiting the University of Utah. He is checking in on our Pandora deployment, and giving a seminar for the Department of Atmospheric Sciences seminar series. The title of his talk is, "Challenges and Opportunities in Coastal Urban Air Quality Monitoring: Lessons from the Boston Basin".

Congratulations, Anthony!

Congratulations to Anthony Wong, who successfully defended his PhD dissertation today! A milestone for him and for our group! His thesis includes three already published works on the role of the terrestrial biosphere on modulating atmospheric reactivity and air quality. Anthony will be moving on to a postdoctoral position at MIT.