RJ Lee Group

Analytical Laboratory and Scientific Consulting Firm

  • Title Analytical Laboratory and Scientific Consulting Firm

RJ Lee Group commercializes the samplers we use for Aim 1, which was originally developed by David Leith at UNC (Leith et al., 2007; Nash and Leith, 2010; Arashiro and Leith, 2013; Wagner et al., 2012; Whitehead and Leith, 2008).  The device consists of a filter (typically polycarbonate) placed under a fine mesh screen and oriented so that particles settle gravitationally and by diffusion through the screen and onto the filter.  The screen and housing measures just 1.5 cm in diameter, and is mounted between two flat metal discs, to protect from the weather, attached to a mounting bracket (see Figure 2 below). After sampling, the devices are sent back to RJ Lee Group for analysis by scanning electron microscopy. Particles are automatically counted and sized, and analyzed for elemental composition.

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