Lab Events

10/12/23- Hiking the Franconia Ridge Loop in the White Mountains!


8/11/23- The Hagedorn lab visits the North Shore for some fruit picking and a day at the beach!


6/17/23- The Hagedorn Lab celebrates Dana and all of the amazing things she’s done for the lab over the past 2.5 years! Dana will be starting medical school later this fall!


5/16/23- The Hagedorn Lab gets lunch and gelato!


5/11/23- Hagedorn Lab end of semester lunch!


4/19/23- The Lab celebrates Ryan’s (belated) and Tahreem’s (early) birthday!


4/17/23- Congratulations to Gwen who ran in the 127th Boston Marathon!


4/13/23- The Lab celebrates Dana’s birthday!


3/10/23- Zewde, Khaliun, and Dana attend a career fair at Boston Latin Academy to recruit students for our summer outreach program!


3/7/23- Lab lunch at Gifu Teriyaki!


02/06/23- The Lab celebrates Elliott’s, Khaliun’s, and Su Yeon’s “bertday”!


12/14/22- Hagedorn Lab Holiday Lunch 2022!


12/5/22- The Lab celebrates Zewde’s “burtday”!


11/4/22- The Lab celebrates Katherine’s birthday!


10/31/22- Happy Halloween from the Hagedorn Lab!


10/26/22- The Hagedorn Lab competes in the Annual BMC Pumpkin Carving Contest!


9/29/22- The Hagedorn Lab joins the HemOnc Section for happy hour at Doña Habana!


8/24/22- The Lab celebrates Jesse and Gwen’s “birttday”!


8/12/22- The Lab celebrates Jack’s “birtday”!


6/25/22- Hagedorn Lab BBQ (not shown: Tahreem Nawaz and Geethika Bodanapu, photoshopped in: Emily Henault)


6/14/22- The Hagedorn Lab celebrates Pride 2022!


5/5/22- Hagedorn Lab end of semester lunch!


4/27/22- The HemOnc Section hosts a happy hour at Dorchester Brewing Company!


4/20/22- The Lab celebrates Tahreem’s birthday!


2/14/2022- Happy Valentine’s Day from the Hagedorn Lab!


2/3/2022- The Lab celebrates Elliott’s, Khaliun’s, and Su Yeon’s (belated) birthday!


12/13/2021- Hagedorn Lab Holiday Lunch!


11/23/2021- The Lab celebrates Emily’s birthday!


10/29/21-Happy Halloween from the Hagedorn Lab! (not shown: Su Yeon as Wednesday Addams)


10/22/21- The Hagedorn Lab come out to support Khaliun at her Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) poster session!


10/7/21- The Hagedorn Lab and the Dries Lab represent Hematology/Oncology Basic Research at the Department of Medicine Evan’s Day Conference.


8/10/21- Hagedorn Lab outing to Russell Orchard, Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, and Crane Beach.


7/10/21- Lab Game Night! (sans Elliott)


4/13/2021- The Lab celebrates Dana’s birthday!


2/4/2021 – The Lab celebrates Elliott’s and Khaliun’s birthday!


1/28/2021- Dana and Khaliun bring back smoothies for the Lab


1/26/2021- Khaliun’s first trip to Flour Bakery with Elliott and Dana


1/6/21- Elliott and Dana’s first trip to Flour Bakery