Author: Sarah Critchley

The Hickory Nut Adventures

Current student Neema Syovata describes the research process for her Introduction to Gastronomy final project. THE HICKORY NUT ADVENTURES  This all began with a simple question – why aren’t there more opportunities to experience Native American food?  And so, for my introduction to gastronomy final project, I opted to create a menu of contemporary Native American […]

A Day in Back Bay

This guest post comes from current student and president of the Gastronomy Student Association Payal Parikh. Are you curious about what Gastronomy students like to do in their day off? Looking for Gastronaut-approved activities in Boston? Read on!  A few weeks ago, fellow Gastronauts, Sarah Critchley, Sarah Hartwig, Neema Syovata, and I set out on […]

Recreating Pound Cake from Amelia Simmons’s American Cookery

This guest post is part of a series written by students from Karen Metheny’s Cookbooks and History course. Jie Liu shares her thoughts on recreating this historical recipe for pound cake, and includes a video of her process.  Recreating a Historical Recipe: American Cookery – Pound Cake In the Cookbooks and History class, we’ve analyzed many […]