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PhD Student Researchers

Seeking PhD Student in the Davies Marine Population Genomics lab Fall 2023

The Davies Marine Population Genomics lab is recruiting a prospective Ph.D. student focused on fundamental questions about evolutionary and ecological processes, who is specifically interested in addressing these questions in marine invertebrates. Our lab is strongly focused on cnidarian ecology, evolution, symbiosis, and genomics however students interested in a diversity of topics are welcome to apply. We encourage scientists from diverse backgrounds to apply, as we strive to promote historically excluded groups in ecology and evolution. The PhD student would be accepted through the Ecology, Behavior and Evolution (EBE) Biology graduate program at Boston University and be based in Boston, MA. The program offers a guaranteed stipend ($38,253/year) and health insurance (no dental or vision unfortunately) for 5 years through a combination of teaching fellowships, entrance fellowship, and research grants (generally students teach during the spring and fall semesters and are supported on research stipends for the summer months).

Students who will thrive in our lab tend to be interested in:
-molecular and genomic approaches with strong backgrounds in quantitative approaches and bioinformatics
-answering core ecological and evolutionary questions
-fieldwork opportunities, but understand that the majority of research in our lab is done at the lab bench and the computer
-being a research mentor to high school and undergraduate students through a series of established relationships with local programs
-increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in science through pedagogy and outreach

To apply, please send the following to by September 15, 2022 with the subject line “Prospective PhD Application: YOUR NAME”!
1. Current CV
2. 1 page cover letter describing the scientific questions that excite you and how you will ensure an inclusive environment
3. Contact email for 3 references (academic or non-academic are appropriate). Letters will not be requested immediately, however references will be contacted for short-listed candidates.

Undergraduate Student Researchers

The Davies Lab emphasizes investment in young undergraduates who can stay with the lab for multiple semesters. This approach allows students to “graduate” from introductory tasks to more complex, original, and independent work over time.

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting any new undergraduate researchers, however please check back as our needs are always changing!