Self-care is sometimes completely overlooked by everyone. We are so centered on our every day lives that we forget to take a moment to breath and to focus on ourselves. It is so important to focus on our mental health and our physical health but it is very easily overlooked and forgotten about. Self-care is very different for every individual it can sometimes be anywhere from “getting enough sleep, or filling up a bottle of water before heading out to work in order to stay hydrated throughout the day. Simple little things that keep our physical health taken care of can make a significant, positive impact on our mental health as well” (Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, 2018). A majority of people believe that drastically changing something in their routine is going to cause an impact on their mental health and while that might be true, little things as preparing your clothing for the next working the night before could improve our mental health.

Mental health is so important and it truly can shape our future. The way that we look at ourselves, the way that we create relationships and the way that we interact with people all stems from our mental health. If someone is upset, has had a bad day, they are more likely to snap at people, be angry at themselves and continue to put themselves under stressful situations which will eventually lead the individual to burn out. I know that meditation is incredibly helpful to people, reading, exercising, going to bed earlier or later, cooking, baking and even taking a walk will improve someone’s mental health. Every individual has a special niche where they can sit and focus on other things, a hobby or even a book that calms one mind can be incredibly beneficial.


Crisis center of tampa bay. (2018). The importance of self-care is maintaining positive mental health.


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