Self Care & The WorkPlace

Self-care is very important. After reading through other classmate’s self-care posts I decided to do a deeper dive into Self-care and trauma. Self-care is important in order for individuals to perform their best at work. The article Embedding Staff Self-Care into The MTSS Framework for Those Working in Correctional Facilities looks to integrate self-care practices into a workplace for staff that pours their heart and soul into caring for juveniles and keeping them safe (Jolivette et al, 2019). These staff members are experiencing trauma through the juveniles they work with and them helping the juveniles expose them second-hand to traumatic experiences.

Self-care can help prevent  burnout and alleviate some stress (Jolivette, 2019). Employer benefits that help support self-care that were mentioned in the article are gift certificates for the most amount of steps walked, access to recreational equipment and discounted gym memberships (Jolivette, 2019). All of these are a nice perk in a workplace but can be used as self-care because every job can be a little stressful and you don’t want to burnout. 


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