Self care tips

I have been trying to practice more self care lately. I never feel like I have time for myself and with making minor improvements in my everyday life, I feel like I am starting to bring the focus of my life back to me and my well being. One thing I started doing was try to take the word “should” out of my vocabulary. I am trying to stop saying things like “I should be doing this” or “I should have done that”. It has been really hard to break myself of this and I am continuously working on it, but I do feel as though it is taking some stress out of my life. It is helping me to not dwell on the past as much and it is also helping me to focus on the present. I highly recommend trying to integrate this into your everyday life!

Self care tips

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  1. I am glad you have been trying to practice self-care lately. We should try to practice self-care as much as we can. We all live very busy lives and need to have time for ourselves or we are going to burn ourselves out. I haven’t thought about taking the word should out of my vocabulary until now. We need to focus on the moment and what we are currently doing. It probably will take a lot of stress out of my life. Thank you for teaching me something new.



  2. Interesting concept! I certainly agree that it is hard to get yourself to do something especially new things. I had someone once tell me that I should stop saying that you are going to do it and just do it. Since then I was committed to enjoying life more and set out small goals that I want to accomplish!

  3. Sometimes, it’s best to just do what you feel like doing. It’s easy to beat yourself up that you didn’t get that work out in or didn’t get that laundry done, but life happens. Just try to keep it going as smoothly as possible.

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