Op-Eds and Media Appearances

You can find me talking about the costs of war, military spending, United States Air Force spouses, and being a bi-racial woman in academia here –

Practice Makes Perfect for Battlefield Coalitions (with Ryan Grauer). 2022. Military Strategy Magazine.

Mentoring Yourself as a Woman in Academia. 2020. Duck of Minerva

How to Battle the Coronavirus and Win: A Historians’ Roundtable (with Mark Harrison, Stephen Mihm, and Mark Wilson). March 2020. Bloomberg

Costs of War (with Linda Bilmes, Neta Crawford, and Shamrin Mako). January 2020. Radio Open Source and WBUR

War with Iran Will Cost More than the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (with Linda Bilmes and Neta Crawford). June 2019. Boston Globe

Retain the Family in Today’s All-Volunteer United States Air Force. May 2019 (with Melinda Beyer). War on the Rocks

The Costs of War. January 2019.Story on the Public Square, Pell Center

US Wars Abroad Increase Inequality at Home: Who Foots the Bill for American Hegemony? 2018. Foreign Affairs

Strategy First: What Price is Military Superiority Worth? (with Kaija Schilde). 2018. Texas National Security Review

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