Researchers, Postdocs, and Graduate Students


Brian Walsh, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Center for Space Physics
Ramiz Qudsi, Research Scientist
Cadin Connor, Researcher, LEXI
Niloufar Nowrouzi, Postdoctoral Scholar
Emil Atz, Postdoctoral Scholar, Lecturer
Cat Paw U, ECE, PhD Candidate
Ashley Gomez, ECE, PhD Candidate
Connor O’Brien, AS, PhD Candidate
Van Naldoza, ME, PhD Candidate
Anissa Benzaid-Williams, ME, PhD Candidate
Anika Dujakovich, ME, PhD Candidate


Adam Bahlous-Boldi, (ME, PhD student MIT, AeroAstro)

Aaron Juchau, (MS LEAP, NASA Johnson Space Center)

Vishakha Garg, (MS ME, RGD)

Rousseau Nutter (MS LEAP, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Jef Broll, (Research Scientist, Los Alamos National Lab)

David Payne (MS LEAP, NASA HQ)

J. Brent Parham (PhD ECE, Lincoln Labs)

David Einhorn (MS LEAP, SpaceX)

Thompson Cragwell (Millennium Space Systems)