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Our group conducts research in experimental space physics and space technology. The underlying goal of the group is to understand the transfer of mass, momentum, and energy from the sun into the Earth’s space environment. We’re particularly interested in coupling of energy through the Earth’s magnetic boundary or the magnetopause.

The research is conducted primarily through space-based sensors, some on large NASA and ESA missions, and some on small satellites developed in-house at BU. Our group is involved in building different sensors including tools for soft x-ray imaging as well as other compact and low resource devices. In addition to sensors, we develop small satellites and small spacecraft technologies, enabling advanced measurements in new areas of space.


Brian M. Walsh
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering, Boston University
110 Cummington Mall, Room 319
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 353-3414
bwalsh [at] bu [dot] edu
Research Scientist: UC Berkeley, Space Science Lab (2014-2015)
PostDoc: NASA Goddard (2012-2014)
PhD: Boston University (2011)
BA: Colgate University (2006)