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Postdoctoral fellowship – Systems and Synaptic Neuroscience        Posted: 07/01/2020

Human Systems Neuroscience Lab, Boston University


A postdoctoral position in systems neuroscience is available in the Zikopoulos Lab at the Department of Health Sciences, Boston University.

Research in the lab is focused on the study of the organization of cortical, thalamic and amygdalar brain circuits at multiple scales (system to synapse), and their disruption in disease. We use a combination of experimental and theoretical (computational) approaches to study molecular, synaptic, cellular interactions and interareal network connectivity, as the basis of cognitive and emotional processing for flexible attention and goal-oriented behavior. We are particularly interested in the disruption of these circuits in autism, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety disorders and phobias.

The newly renovated laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge imaging equipment, including a super-resolution laser confocal microscope and a Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscope with Block-Face Imaging and Array Tomography equipment that are used to study the connectome of the primate brain (nhp, human).

The trainee will have the opportunity to work with non-human primate and human post-mortem brain tissue to propose hypotheses, design and execute experiments, data analyses, and help interpret and communicate results.

The applicant must have:

  • An MD and/or PhD degree in neuroscience or related field
  • Strong experimental and problem solving abilities
  • At least one first-author paper published or accepted in a Neuroscience-related peer-reviewed journal

Candidates with a background in neuropathology of the brain, molecular and cellular neuroscience, or computational neuroscientists who want to be involved in experiments to generate and analyze data on brain circuits are encouraged to apply. Expertise in neuroanatomy, immunohistochemistry and confocal / electron microscopy, quantitative image analyses, and/or computational background are preferable. Programming skills and experience with Matlab are a plus.

Interested candidates with proven academic record are requested to send a brief letter describing their research interests, their CV and contact details of 3 referees to Dr. Basilis Zikopoulos (email: zikopoul@bu.edu).

The position will be available until filled. Salary will be based on NIH scale and commensurate with experience.



Research Assistant Position in Neural Systems at Boston University        Posted: 3/25/2019

Human Systems Neuroscience Lab, Boston University


We are looking to hire a motivated research assistant / technician to assist in on-going research studies investigating brain structure and neural pathways. Experimental approaches include a variety of neural tracing, histochemical, immunocytochemical, cellular and molecular methods to characterize neural circuits and their synaptology. Experimental procedures are conducted in fully equipped laboratories for cutting and processing brain tissue. Analyses are conducted at the light, fluorescence, laser and electron microscopic level, and include digital imaging, quantitative microscopy, data processing and graphic presentation of data.

Experience with histological procedures, microscopy and digital image processing desired. This is a great opportunity for someone wishing to be engaged in diverse aspects of the research and to continue to learn in an active neuroscience research environment. A bachelor’s and master’s degree in life sciences, chemistry, or related field, is required. The position is funded from NIH grants and a minimum commitment of 2 years is required. Salary is dependent on level of experience.

Applicants should send a cover letter, their resume, and names and contact information of two references to Dr. Basilis Zikopoulos (e-mail: zikopoul@bu.edu)


Bachelor’s and master’s degree in life sciences, chemistry, or related field.

Additional Salary Information:

The position is funded from NIH grants. Salary is dependent on level of experience.