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A Guide to the Aging and Disability Networks

  • “Information and presentation was superb”
  • “This course will help in my work with older adults and/or people with disabilities.”


Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

  • “This course gave great tips and information on how to help a client who has Dementia, I loved it!”
  • “This course was very interesting and pertinent due to the hugely increasing numbers of people with Dementia.”
  • “This was very helpful and I learned a lot of things from the course that i will use at work. Thank you.”
  • “I absolutely loved taking this course. It had a lot of great information and explained a lot of different things. It was a great read, and would recommend it to others, in the social work field”


Assessment with Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities

  • “I enjoy having the blog to express my opinion and also be able to read what other folks have written. This tiny slice of interaction makes it more like learning in the classroom. The videos have also been helpful to underscore and emphasize key learning points.”
  • “This was very appropriate for my work as an Aging and Disability Services Specialist. It was informative for me even as a 23 yr veteran. It is even more appropriate for all new staff to take this course. I wish it had been around when I started my job.”
  • “This course that i took was very informational and educational. I have a learned a lot throughout this course that i did not know. One thing is that it was time consuming, and it took me more than 6 hours to complete it.”


Care Management

  • “I enjoyed this wonderful course and should be available to everyone in the field for FREE!”
  • “I feel this course will in very valuable to my work and am happy to have had this opportunity.”
  • “The Case Management section of this course was excellent. Overall, a very good learning experience.”


Care Transitions

  • “I liked the training. It covered a variety of topics related to aging benefits. The inclusion of community programs that helped improve seniors lives was great!”
  • “This was a very interesting topic that I will be able to transfer to the work I do.”
  • “I found this course enlightening and will use it in my profession.”

Compulsive Hoarding in Older Adults

  • “very informative and helpful”
  • “This was a very interesting topic. Now I feel capable of handling this type of situation should it come up.”
  • “I loved how this course gave great information on how a Hoarder thinks. It’s interesting to see how they think and why they hold on to their possessions.”
  • “This has been my favorite course yet. I loved all of the information provided, and I really got a sense of what people go through then they have a hoarding problem.”
  • “Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding fascinates me, and why people hoard. I loved reading all of the information that this course has provided. In my profession all of the information and everything that i have learned will help me. I personally recommend this course to anyone who is working with the Aging Population, and or Social Services, and Adult Protective Services.”

Core Issues in Aging and Disabilities

  • “I really enjoyed this course. The information was very appropriate to apply to my work.”
  • “The information I learned in this course will improve my job performance. Increase my knowledge of about aging adults.”
  • “The information in this course is very valuable. I could recall some of my life experiences with the various topics.  This information should be given every six months.  I really enjoyed the training.  I had forgotten that the Disability movement was spawn from the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”
  • “This course was very good. I have been working at my job for over 13 years and open to any learning experience that will help this worker out in the field. The good thing is the flexibility of time, because a lot of my time is participant work and it can be hard to have a set time to schedule course work. So, I have to get what chapters I can when time permits, which could be an hour or if lucky two without any participant work or issues to manage. I am excited to move forward with the other courses”
  • “I especially enjoyed the mini-videos on specific topics, narrated by older and/or disabled participants. The blogs were fun and educational since the questions posed made me think more about the topics that were controversial.”
  • “Easy to move back and forth throughout the course and to find points if needed to go back and re-read something. The videos were a helpful tool.”


Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

  • “This course was very interesting. I liked how they took the time to explain all aspects of Elder Abuse and how we can work harder to get victims the help they need.”
  • “I have never come across this in my work load, but I found the information wonderful and very helpful. but this was a harder course for me. Thank you for your information.”
Mental Health and Aging Issues

  • “I feel the course was very informative as is. Very good information!”
  • “This was the first time in my life, to have the chance to take a on line course and I loved it.”
  • “This course provided a lot of information that would be great to use with our clients in the community.”

Substance Use among Older Adults

  • “This course was very informative!”
    • “This was a very good lesson. I will use a lot of this information on my job and I’m grateful to be able to take this courses.”

    • “I absolutely love this course! Behavioral Health is so interesting to me and I loved every minute of it.”



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