Program Pricing

Enrollment in an online program is open to open to agencies looking to prepare their staff to effectively work with older adults and persons with disabilities. The program pricing strategy for agency programs is outlined below.

Number of Learners Up to 25 Learners
26 to 200 Learners 201 to 300 Learners
Cost Summary $4,975* includes 25 learners $4,975* (includes the first 25 learners) plus $200 per learner after that $4,975* (includes the first 25 learners) plus $175 per learner

* $4,975 covers an annual management fee which includes 25 users, monthly reports, customer support, implementation. Cost does not cover an evaluation report.


Program Evaluation Report – $2,000 (optional)

CADER will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess competency gains, completion rates for participants in the program, and summary demographics of participants. The specific evaluation components included are described below.

Competency Gains Assessment (Pre and Post)

CADER will conduct Pre and Post Competency Surveys for each training participant to measure users’ competency level prior to and after their training to determine baseline and changes in competency level in relation to participation in the online training program. CADER will provide the contract agency with a summary report of the results based on the data and information collected from the surveys.

User Evaluations

CADER will also provide a report that summarizes the participant’s course and program evaluations and feedback on the quality of the training. All CADER online courses include an evaluation upon completion where training participants’ rate whether the course objectives were met, whether the course expanded their knowledge and understanding of the topic area, and whether the course will help them apply the skills learned into their practice with clients.