Training Program Benefits

  • Competency-based – CADER online courses are tied to specific skills and competencies needed for effective practice in the field.
  • Standardized – All workers will receive the same training.
  • Flexible and Accessible – Learners can take the training any time, any place, and on any computer. All CADER online courses are ADA and JAWS compliant.
  • Strong Program Support – CADER staff will perform set‐up, provide implementation assistance and ongoing support.
  • Multimedia, Interactive and Participatory – All CADER courses provide an interactive, skill- based, multi-media learning experience. CADER courses have case studies, video clips, discussion boards, html objects, self-reflective exercises and links to additional resources.
  • Tools to Maximize the Transfer of Learning to Practice – CADER has Supervisor Guides for each course to enhance the transfer of learning and allow learners an opportunity to discuss what they have learned online in-person and how to put the learning experience into every day practice.