Exciting things are always afoot.

Danielle Dionne to give LSA talk in New Orleans, January 2020

By Elizabeth CoppockAugust 21st, 2019in News

Danielle Dionne and Elizabeth Coppock submitted an abstract for the Linguistic Society of America's Annual Meeting in New Orleans, January 2020 and it was ACCEPTED as a TALK! Go us! We will be presenting in the Experimental Pragmatics session on Sunday January 5th, 11am-12:30pm.

The title of our talk is: "Cross-linguistic pragmatic differences as a function of hyponym complexity".

UROP Humanities Scholars Award to Elias Ganem

By Elizabeth CoppockMay 8th, 2018in News

Elias Ganem's summer UROP project was highly ranked by the evaluation committee, qualifying him for a UROP Humanities Scholars Award. This award provides $500 in student supplies and/or travel support for him, in addition to $1000 in research funding for the lab. Go Eli!

UROP awards to Elias Ganem and Miriam Yifrach

By Elizabeth CoppockMarch 23rd, 2018in News

Boston University's UROP program has generously agreed to fund two exciting summer projects!


Elias GanemCross-linguistic experimental investigations of fragile superlative readings

In this project, we will carry out experiments probing the meaning of proportional quantifiers such as “most” in several different languages. The goal is to determine whether the “fragile superlative reading” that has been detected for English exists in languages where proportional quantifiers differ from English in their morphological structure.


Miriam YifrachDefining definiteness in Turoyo

In this project, we will carry out an investigation of definiteness-marking in Turoyo, an endangered Semitic language, based on interviews with native speakers. The goals are to determine where definiteness-marking lies on the spectrum from “weak” to “strong", and to characterize the circumstances under which definiteness-marking is used in combination with quantificational expressions.