Author: Elizabeth Coppock

Cremers/Coppock/Dotlacil/Roelofsen published in L&P!

Just out in Linguistics and Philosophy: Modified numerals: Two routes to ignorance by Alexandre Cremers, Elizabeth Coppock, Jakub Dotlacil and Floris Roelofsen Abstract: Modified numerals, such as at least three and more than five, are known to sometimes give rise to ignorance inferences. However, there is disagreement in the literature regarding the nature of these […]

Dionne & Coppock (2021) published!

Danielle Dionne & Elizabeth Coppock published “Tattoos as a window onto cross-linguistic differences in scalar implicature” in the first-ever volume of Experiments in Linguistic Meaning! Read it here: Cite as: Dionne, Danielle and Elizabeth Coppock (2021). Tattoos as a window onto cross-linguistic differences in scalar implicature. In Andrea Beltrama, Florian Schwarz, and Anna Papafragou (eds.), […]

Cooperation with police as non-cooperative pragmatics

When police officers ask drivers to open the trunk, is a “yes” answer a signal of voluntary consent? Our experiment suggests that it’s not. Watch our 3-minute lightning talk! This is for poster presented by Marina Weinstein, Danielle Dionne, Nathaniel Graham, Dylan Pato, and Elizabeth Coppock on June 26th at LMC Workshop ‘MK40: Common Knowledge, […]

New cross-linguistic paper on implicatures

Differences in implicature across languages stem from differences in salience of alternatives by Danielle Dionne & Elizabeth Coppock Abstract Scalar implicature depends on the activation of alternatives. For instance, in English, finger implicates `not thumb’, suggesting that thumb is activated an alternative. Is this because it is more specific (Quantity) and equally short (Manner)? Indeed, […]

Summer UROP award to James Cooper Roberts

James Cooper Roberts has been awarded a summer UROP fellowship, to work on the project of automatically generating referring expressions for objects in complex scenes. He will be developing an annotated corpus. Welcome!

Ying Gong & Elizabeth Coppock present at LSA!

Ying Gong and Elizabeth Coppock presented a talk entitled “Mandarin has degree abstraction after all” at the LSA in January 2021. If you missed it, don’t worry — you can watch it here! And here are the slides:

Probability and Meaning 2020

We gave a talk at the Probability and Meaning conference, hosted by the University of Gothenburg in October 2020. In this talk, we undertake a side-by-side comparison between image captioning and reference game human datasets and show that they differ systematically with respect to informativity.   The related paper can be found here: It […]

Published in Language!

An article entitled “Universals in Superlative Semantics” by Elizabeth Coppock, Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten, and Golsa Nouri-Hosseini has been published in Language, the official journal of the Linguistic Society of America! Click here to read it. Abstract: This article reports on the results of a broad crosslinguistic study on the semantics of quantity words such as many […]